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Planning Permission

Over the last 10 years of gaining Planning Permission for our clients we have naturally established a good relationship with all the planning authorities within the home counties, giving us good insight and communication to ensure successful and efficient planning applications,


To ensure it’s a stress- and hassle-free process for you we act as your agent throughout the whole process, from the initial preparation of the relevant documents to the submission and management of the application. We will be the main point of contact for your application, answering any general requests from the planning office and justifying the proposals where required, to ensure a successful application.

Every project is different, and we can’t guarantee the approval of every application. What we can do though is advise you if we feel any part of your proposal is unlikely to gain permission, and then explore a suitable alternative design for you, to achieve what you need the project to achieve, but with a solution that fits within the local authority’s design guidance. It is then entirely your decision if you wish to take our advice or not, with every planning application you get a free retry with 12 months, and so should we later have to amend the proposals and resubmit a second application, it’s not a problem.  


Some sites are more complicated than others and we have experience gaining Planning Permission on designated land, including Green Belt, areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty and Conversation Areas. Designated land applications typically require further consultation at Planning, and we have the team to ensure we can support every element of any application for you, from, Arboricultural Surveys, to Ecology reports, Flood risk assessments, Heritage statements, or alike.

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