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Building Regulations

Once we have achieved all the relevant approvals from the Planning department, the next stage is gaining Building Regulation approval. Whereas Planning Permission is concerned with approval in relation to scale and design, building Regulations are concerned with how the proposals are physically built, ensuring everything is built to current standards and regulations.


At this stage of design we will be undertaking the construction drawings, or technical design drawings. Whereas the planning drawings are focused on design and space planning. The construction drawings detail how every element is built, from the foundations, to walls, roof and intermediate floors, to demonstrate compliance with each part of the Building Regulations. Mainly structural compliance, fire safety, energy efficiency, drainage and sound proofing.

Our preference would always be to gain you Building Regulation Approval prior to works commencing under what’s called a ‘Full Plans’ application. That ensures that when you come to build all the relevant approvals are in place and there’s no room for any uncertainty or specification changes during the build, allowing accurate budgeting and efficient planning prior to works commencing.


However, if your build timeframes don’t allow time for prior approval, we also have the option to proceed under a ‘Building Notice’ whereby works can commence within 48h of the notice being served. Every project has its owns parameters and we will advise and direct you as your project requires,     


We are CIAT Affiliates, the Chartered Institute of Architectural Technologists. As part of our registration but equally for your peace of mind we carry £1 Million Professional Indemnity Insurance and the same Public Liability Insurance. In 10 years, we haven’t had a claim and certainly don’t expect to have one in the future, however for your security it’s important we carry this level of insurance to ensure that all our architectural related works are covered, equally it’s important to ensure each other consultant on the design team carries similar levels of cover.

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